Wednesday 25 July: Special Buffet and Music at the Leonardo Building

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*On Wednesday, 25th July 2012 *

*/Dine and Dance Nite/** *

with* Stefano Franco, alias Mr. Boogieman*

A Special evening for ICTP Visitors, Scientists and Staff*

*                                 Join us at 19.30 at the Leonardo 
Building's Cafeteria.
STEFANO FRANCO, a renown Triestine musician, earned his diploma in flute 
at the State Music School in Trieste, but his real soul is the piano 
which he plays in a very personal style supported by an incredible left 
hand acting as an electric bass. He has performed in Italy, Europe and 
in New Orleans, USA. He plays Boogie Woogie, Honky Tonk and Rock and 
Roll in a genuine New Orleans Style.

On Wednesday, in the Leonardo Building's Cafeteria there will be an 
Aperitif Corner and the SELF-SERVICE BUFFET  which will serve the 
following dishes :

Greek style Rice

Caprese Style Fresh Tomatoes and Cuortirolo Cheese with Basil leaves and 
Olive Oil

Tasty Bruschetta (toasted slices of bread) with Fresh Tomatoes

Mediterranean Whole-grain Spelt (Farro) with Vegetables

Courtesan style Barley with Mixed Vegetables

Fried Girai  (local fish dish)

Barcolana Chicken Salad

Trieste's  Patate in Tecia (Pan fried Potatoes)

Fresh mixed salads

Dessert: Water melon, sliced

The self-service buffet can be paid with one full meal coupon or euro 
9.50/person (one drink included).

The Aperitif Corner will serve other types of drinks to be paid extra, 
on the spot.

We hope that you will enjoy this special evening, see you on Wednesday !

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