Language courses starting next week

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Mon Feb 20 16:35:38 CET 2012

Please be informed that next week the language classes that will  be held
on the campus once a week will begin. We will give you the info on the
venues and timings tomorrow.

The courses will be held in the following languages:

- English B, I and A
- Spanish B and I
- Slovenian B
- Chinese B
- Arabic B
- French B, I and A (started last week)

It will not be necessary to clock out/in to attend the classes.

The cost of each course  will depend on the number of participants who
will split and share equally the costs.

ONLY ICTP staff members, consultants or long-term visitors  may  apply
for partial reimbursement from ICTP after having effected full payment of
the course/person to the school. Reimbursement can be requested to the
Personnel office upon presentation of the payment receipt. It is possible
to claim only for  half the amount of the language quota paid, up to the
reimbursement limit of 250 euro/year/person.

You will get more detailed info on the starting days of the courses as
soon as possible.

Best wishes
Info Point

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