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*WHAT'S ON THIS WEEK 30 September - 3 October 2010*


*Verdi Symphony Orchestra concert season: Music by Bruch and 
Tchaikovsky, directed by Julian Kovatchev on 1 and 2 October. *There is 
a 50% reduction on tickets purchased "last minute" (one hour before the 
show) for all performances directly at the Verdi's ticket office. You 
may also send an SMS to: 340 4350395 and join the Verdi's mailing list 
info for last minute seats availability. Only for the Sat afternoon 
performances young people under 26 can purchase tickets for euro 5*. 
*For more info on program and tickets, check: 
http://www.teatroverdi-trieste.com* *

Revoltella Sunday International Matinee Concert Season 2010 - 11. Sunday 
3 October at 11:00: Guitar concert with Fabio Cascioli and Giulio 
Chiandetti, music by Lhoyer, Castelnuovo, Tedesco and Piazzola. *Free 
drinks will be offered after the concert as well and for those who wish 
there are also free-guided tours of the Museum all-inclusive at 10:00 
and 12:00. For parents, there is also an art workshop and guided tour 
for children aged 7 -10 from 10:00 to 13:00, in order to give them the 
opportunity to enjoy the concert while their children are visiting the 
museum. Ticket for the concert and entrance to Museum costs 6,50. The 
museum is located in via Diaz 27. Take bus 8 or 30. Check 
http://www.museorevoltella.it or call: 040 6754350**

Trieste Piano Festival (IX edition) at the Sala del Ridotto del Verdi: 
*Tonight at 20:30,* Emanuele Arciulli *piano concert with music by 
Schumann, Crumb, Carter, Bartok and Mon 4 Sept at 20:30 Sofya Gulyak 
plays Bach, Schumann, Rachmaninov and Corelli. Info: 


*International Youth Exhibition "Artefatto 2010 - Candy World" ongoing 
until 3 October. *The exhibition involves 140 Italian and International 
artists aged 17 - 35 and will take place in different locations in 
Trieste. For more info and locations, check: http://artefatto.info 
<http://artefatto.info> <http://artefatto.info>

Mirò, "Il Poeta del Colore" *(the poet of colours) ongoing until 7 
November at the Scuderie di Miramare (ex-horse stables of the Miramare 
Castle close to the main entrance gate). The exhibition is a collection 
of Mirò's art prints, lithographs, watercolours combined with poetic 
verses by the artist himself. Open from Tues - Sun 10:00 - 18:30. 
Entrance ticket euro 5. 

October. The consortium for the safeguard of private castles and 
historic dwellings organizes the event each year. There will be around 
17 castles in the Region open to the public, some with side events and 
exhibitions as well. The Castle of Muggia (which is owned by the 
Villi-Bossi family) will have guided tours every hour from 10:00 - 18:30 
(with a break from 13:00 - 14:30) Entrance ticket euro 6. Please check 
the complete list on the website: http://www.consorziocastelli.it / tel: 
0432 288588.

* *


* "Cavalli e Profumo di Mosto" (Horses and Wine Must Perfume), 1 - 3 
October in Medeazza - Duino-Aurisina with a full programme dedicated to 
ecology and nature, *horse riding for adults and children, excursions by 
foot in the Carso, mountain bike, kiosks with food and wines and many 
"osmizze" (local farms), typical trattorias (typical restaurants) open 
in the surroundings. http://www.girofvg.com/5208/cavalli-e-profumo-di-mosto


*"Film Outlet" at the Miela Theatre *is organized by Bonawentura and the 
Capella Undergournd and presents a series of films every Wednesday in 
October in their original soundtracks with Italian subtitles: 6 Oct "Le 
Prophète" by Jacques Audiard, "The Ghost Writer" by Roman Polanski on 13 
Oct and a Norwegian road movie "Nord"on 20 Oct. Ticket EUR 4.

* *

*Latin American Film Festival* in Trieste at the Miela Theatre, ongoing 
until 31 October. Check http://www.cinelatinotrieste.org or 

*Silent Film Festival in Pordenone 2 - 9 October* at the Teatro Comunale 
Giuseppe Verdi in the city's centre. For a complete programme, check: 


*"Youth Expressivity Festival"* at the San Giovanni Park, ongoing until 
16 Oct with workshops, concerts, shows, flea markets, art exhibits, 
theatre etc. Check http://www.provincia.trieste.it. Buses 4, 6, 12 and 17.


Starting this weekend and for the consecutive 10 days, there will be a 
series of sailing competitions in the Golf of Trieste. There will be a 
sailing show with kiosks and stands in Trieste's city centre and along 
the "Rive" (seaside promenade in front of Piazza Unità) where you may 
find technical equipments, and clothing for sailing. Next week, there 
will be many side events, music and entertainments culminating in the 
Barcolana Sailing Competition which involves more than 2000 sailing 
boats from all over Italy and taking place on Sunday 10 October. See: 

**/Info Point takes no responsibility whatsoever for the correctness or 
completeness of the above information. Check website: 

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