Researchers' Night in Trieste on Friday 24 September

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Fri Sep 17 13:05:07 CEST 2010

Researchers' Night in Trieste - an event you cannot miss
Friday 24 September 2010 from 15:30 - 23:00

Please be informed that on Friday 24 September, there will be the 
Researchers' Night in Trieste. As last year, the event drew about 10.000 
persons to Piazza Unità and was a great success. The event is financed 
mainly by the European Commission and is concurrently organized in about 
50 places in Europe.

ICTP is participating in this joint event through the collaboration 
protocol with the Comune, Province, University and most of the 
scientific institutions in Trieste.
Make sure you are not missing the STAR, Science in Trieste And 
Researchers, that will be on Friday 24 September 2010 in Piazza Unità 
and neighbouring areas, from 15.30 till 23.00.

Web site:
There will be many activities, experiments and presentations to be seen 
in the gazebos set up in Piazza Unità . There will also be tours and 
some of them require advance booking for participation. Information and 
details on the website.

ICTP is organizing the following parts of STAR:
STREET SCIENCE, coordinated by S. Scandolo, will take place in 2 
locations from 17:00 -23:00 : One outside the local Chamber of Commerce 
next to Piazza della Borsa, and one in Piazza Unità . Many researchers 
belonging to several institutes including ICTP, will be talking for 10 
minutes each about own experiences.

ROUND TABLE talks will be held in the Chamber of Commerce by scientists 
belonging to several scientific institutions. S. Scandolo has 
coordinated the round tables and will be their moderator.
ICTP's round table is at 18:00 on "Energy and climate changes" by F. 
Giorgi, R. Gebauer, R. Rosei

ICTP stand in GAZEBO in Piazza d'Unità , coordinated by ARPL, MLab, PIO.
There will be interesting attracting experiments and information about 
ICTP's scientific activities. There will also be a blackboard in place 
where researchers and students from ICTP can be approached by the 
public, to present themselves and share their experiences at ICTP.

Each participating institution will have a stand in Piazza Unità . In 
addition, there is a common stand where there are changing presentations 
and interventions. In this stand, Prof. Andrey Varlamov, invited by 
ICTP, will talk about "Physics and golf” at 5 pm. and "Physics in the 
kitchen" at 7 pm.

Concerts in Piazza Unità
ICTP, mainly through J. Niemela, has also organized the concerts that 
will take place in Piazza d'Unità from 18:00 to 23:00. The 5 bands are: 
Trio TAV Contizanetti-Centonze-Vladilo; UnderScore; Gino d'Eliso and the 
Fabulous Rocker Boys; Stefano Franco and the Fluid Horns; Franco 
Valussi, Joe Niemela and the Swingers.

Call for volunteers:

We will need the cooperation of some colleagues as volunteers for Street 
Science. Please send an email to join to : giancovi at

Don't miss this big event! See you there on Friday 24 September!

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