Safety measures at the MB

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Tue Feb 20 09:39:35 CET 2007

 		   - Removal of paper copies,documents, etc.

Please be informed that ICTP has to adhere to safety criteria and ensure
that, in case of fire, everybody will be able to escape/exit from  the
buildings safely.
In the MB corridors there are alot of papers and documents stored.
Corridors, stairways and areas that lead to the outside or towards safe,
fireproof areas, must be liberated from  elements that may contribute to
the spreading of fire, smoke and heat.  This also regards shelves,
metallic and wooden file holders and  files stored in public areas (that
are not specifically fireproof).  These could be used in a better way for
our activities.
All sections and staff who have stored documents and papers in the MB
corridors are kindly invited to go through and
sort/organize/destroy/dispose of, materials that are of no further use to
The target is to halve the amount stored in the corridors.
Erich Jost will create a small pool of persons who will contact the
offices and will assist  in organizing the selection, removal and
appropriate disposal of the surplus materials.

We hope that  some time in the future most information will be stored
electronically so that the corridors may be fully liberated.   Should you
be able to move in this direction immediately, it would be very much

We are sure you will understand the purpose of this exercise and we shall
assist you as best we can.

Thank you.

Dag H. Johannessen
Director, Administration

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