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Fri Feb 9 08:34:23 CET 2007

Dear all,

I wish to let you know that the ICTP Director, Prof. Sreenivasan, 
yesterday very generously made a substantial private donation to the 
Centre. Below is is what he wrote in the accompanying message.
On behalf of the Centre I would like to thank Prof. Sreenivasan for 
this generosity.
I am sure that if anyone would have wise, constructive ideas about in 
what way this significant gift can best  be made use of in order to 
give an as strong and lasting effect as possible, Professor Sreenivasan 
would be happy to receive them.

Dag Harald Johannessen

I am enclosing a cheque for one hundred thousand Euro of my personal 
money as a gift for ICTP. I do this on my own behalf and that of my 
wife and children.

I am trying to examine if there are aspects of the Centre for which the 
money could be more useful than for others.

I am not rich and my regret is that more is not possible.
With best wishes,

Sincerely yours,

K.R. Sreenivasan
Abdus Salam Research Professor
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