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17th-19th AUGUST

A R T  &  E X H I B I T I O N S
Revoltella Museum:
Mascherini e la Scultura del Suo Secolo (Mascherini and the Sculpture 
of his Century). From 28th July-14th October. A retrospective 
exhibition to commemorate Trieste's most famous 20th century sculptor, 
on the occasion of his 100th birthday.

The Sartorio Museum has a special initiative this month:
Every Tuesday and Wednesday, the museum will remain open from 8 p.m to 
midnight. There are special guided tours within the museum ( ticket 
costs 3 Euro) and music performances (same price) in the museum's 
garden every Tuesday and Wednesday. Visit the permanent collections on 
display (Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII), and the "Histria" exhibition of 
restored works of art by Paolo Veneziano and Tiepolo.  Open Mon-Fri 
10-17, Sat 10-13. Closed Sun and holidays . The Sartorio Museum is 
situated in Largo Papa Giovanni XXIII (close to the Stazione Marittima, 
you can take Bus 8.
Check for programme:

T R I P - S U G G E S T I O N
This Sunday you may like to take a trip to the nearby village of 
Monrupino, which lies in the hills above Trieste.  This website offers 
you a brief history of the area in English, as well as some 
photographs:  The 42 
bus from Piazza Oberdan (which also passes the Grotta Gigante), will 
take you straight there.  Monrupino is the smallest village in the 
province of Trieste to have its own Mayor and Council to administer its 
population of about 850 inhabitants.  In Monrupino itself, you can walk 
up the hill to the ancient Church and admire the spectacular panorama.  
You can see right across Trieste, as well as the Slovenian villages 
which lie just across the nearby border. The other place to visit is 
the Casa Carsica (Carsic House Museum). The house itself is a 
well-preserved example of how people used to live in the hill villages 
2 centuries ago. The Casa Carsica is only open on Sundays from 11-12:30 
and from 15-18.  There are also several restaurants in the area serving 
typical local food and wine.

F A R O - D E L L A - V I T T O R I A (The Victory Lighthouse)
The Lighthouse of the Victory, an impressive work of the Triestine 
architect Arduino Berlam (1880-1946) and of the sculptor Giovanni Mayer 
(1863-1943), has two important functions. Besides lighting the gulf of 
Trieste, in order to help navigation, it is a commemorative monument 
dedicated to the fallen of the first World War, as testified by the 
inscription: "Shine and remind of the fallen on sea MCMXV-MCMXVIII".
The Lighthouse is open every day from 9 to 11 and from 16 to 18 except 
on wednesday. The entrance is free and you can rich it taking bus 42 
from Piazza Oberdan.

The old  centre of Grado is mainly the old castrum, that is the first 
urban centre that had been fortified in the first decades of 5th 
century; a narrow area that developed during the Imperial Age as 
extreme part of the Port of Aquileia. The old town centre is very 
interesting because of its picturesque architecture that houses of 
monuments of great artistic value: the Duomo, the basilica St. Eufemia, 
the Baptistery Santa Maria delle Grazie, but  Grado is also a very nice 
place to spend a day on the beach taking the sun and swim. Moreover 
along the calli and on the campielli of the old town centre, trattorias 
and restaurants offer the best of the kitchen of Grado.
You can travel from the Molo Pescheria to Grado with the Delfino Verde 
shuttle boat.
See the following web site for timetables and prices:

Freeclimbing experience on the carso's trees. (Duino Aurisina)
At the Trieste Adventure Park in Duino Aurisina you will walk in the 
air 10 metres high, zip fly on a pulley from one side of the park to 
the other. In the area you can hike or mountain bike trails nd explore 
the WW1 trenches and battle fields. After the sporting day you can have 
a rest and taste typical food and local wine in front of the park at 
the agriturismo Hermada.
How rich it by bus: take bus 44 from Piazza Oberdan to Aurisina and 
then take buses 43 - 44 - 73.
For further informations visit the web site:

F A I R S  &  M A R K E T S
Flea Market
On Sunday 19 August, there will be a flea market in Trieste town 
centre. All sorts of antiques and bric a brac will be on sale all day 
in the roads of the old town behind Piazza della Borsa near the Roman 
Theatre (Teatro Romano).

Flea Market
Each Friday evening for the whole of the summer season, from 18-23 in 
the Caravella area of Sistiana bay there is a weekly antiques and bric 
a brac market, moreover  at the " Cicchetteria" located in the 
Caravella  Park you will have a chance to try nice wine and local fish 
and meat food called "cicchetti'.

F O O D  &  D R I N K
Karamalada Sagra
Also this year the Triestino Nautical Club located in Viale Miramare 
32, arranges a traditional sagra until sunday 19 august, with food 
kiosks, music and live-entertainment.

Some suggestions about ethnic restaurants in Trieste:

Chinese restaurant: Cina Cina - Via Brunner n. 1 - tel 040 367388
Greek restaurant: Filoxenia  -  Via Mazzini n. 3 - tel 040 3481644
Indian restaurant: Via  Corridoni n. 2 - tel 040 661255
Japanese restaurant: Tokio - Via  Gatteri n. 10 - tel 040 630814
Take away kebab: Kebab Ali Baba Di Omairi Ali Nobil - Piazza della 
Libertà 3/C - tel 040 635794
Spanish restaurant: La Rambla - Viale Miramare n. 323 - tel 040  44684

Carsiana Botanical Garden
The Carsiana botanical garden, which offers visitors a beautiful 
selection of the typical local fauna, to be found among the vegetation 
in Carso (karst) is organizing two guided tours this Sunday 19 th 
August at 16 and 17,  in this occasion there will be also the 
inauguration of the the guided route entitled " La poesia del Carso".
Take Bus 42 from Piazza Oberdan up to Prosecco and proceed with Bus 46 
to Sgonico. For more information: website or  call: 

M U S I C & D A N C I N G
Concert at Miramare Castle
Friday 17 August, the summer concert season in Miramare Castle 
continues. This evening's concert is a violin recital performed by 
Michela Depretto, violin and Jan Grbec, piano. The concert starts at 
20:30 in the Sala del Trono (throne room).

Trieste by Bus
Every Saturday a bus leaves for a tour of Trieste from in front of the 
train station at 14.00.  It takes in all of the main sights to see 
downtown, and there is also a 30-minute stop at St. Giusto Castle, 
where you can walk along the Castle walls or visit the Cathedral or 
simply enjoy the spectacular views. Tickets may be bought in the Sala 
Eurostar in the main railway station and cost 5.20 Euro, with children 
under 10 travelling free.

For more information on all of the above, and for lots more suggestions 
of what to see and do locally, please contact the InfoPoint in the Main 
Building Reception 
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